Friday, March 14, 2008


Okay since I cannot call you (fix the darn phone so it will accept my calls already! LOL) so i will wish you a


here instead....and I will be kind and not post how old you are turning!! LOL

love ya sis! Keep checking your mail box too!

Iron - A wonderful thing!

Ahh iron pills.....they suck to take them but WOW do they make a difference LOL I had been pasted to the couch thinking to myself that, even though I am pregnant and chasing an 18 month old, there is no way I should be this sooooooooo bone-dead-tired exhausted! I had a doctor appointment last week and ironically enough they already had an iron perscription in the computer for me based on the blood tests done the prior week. Scary how it just sneaks up on you over a period of time that you don't realize how bad it is. LMAO But now after a week on iron (on top of prenatals) I am already feeling a 180 difference!

In other baby news: passed the diabetes test with flying colours - something the doc was not expecting. I have not gained a lot of weight but apparently little baby girl is already pushing the 95 percentile for size at 27/28 weeks LOL I tried to explain to the doctor that Ty was a good sized baby too but..ahhh well, better to be safe than sorry. I will have to post a picture of me up when Sebastian gets back with the camera. Lori is BIIIIIG :-)

Speaking of - he will be back tomorrow sometime. The lucky bum took a week long ski trip to the French Alps, sans pregnant wife and daughter (yes, he is repeatedly telling me that he will be staying with the kids while I go next season LOL and I am holding him to it!!!) They have had a few days where the lifts were closed due to weather but also some truly spectacular days. I am expecting fantastic pictures when he gets back home and we will try to get those up this weekend.

Tyler is great..I am really loving this age! Okay - not so much the teething (I swear all the teeth she did not yet have are all coming in at once!), but the personality, mimicing everything she sees and talking more:) Unfortunately I do not have many pictures since I don't have the camera! We will have to do that next week..below is a couple of pictures of Ty. You can tell when we have been using the computers too much around her - she goes to her 'desk' and fat fingers keys on the my old laptop we put there LOL after I get her away from mine that is!!! Techno kid already!

At her 'own' laptop

Sneaking onto Moms laptop

Work out time with Mom! :-)