Thursday, February 21, 2008

February Flu

Well another couple weeks have passed and there is not a lot to report. About 2.5 weeks ago Ty caught a flu/cold bug and brought it home - joy oh joy! LOL Knew it would happen sooner or later but we had been so lucky this far with her never getting sick.....HA! And right when she is in the process of molars breaking through and I am pregnant (and thus cannot taken anything for it), it happens. Thankfully I didn't get it too badly and neither did Sebastian (who was smart and taking med's as soon as it hit). We are all feeling better if still a bit tired.

One cold and rainy day we managed to hit a place close by called MegaPlay with some friends tho - it was great! (for the grown ups too :)

Tyler & Paige

Tyler LUVS the slide with Daddy!

I am now past my 6th month - 6 months and 1 week actually :-) Wow this is going by fast! I know I have said that before but it is really, really flying by this time. Still no word on how this baby will be delivered yet - have to wait another couple weeks before getting an idea on that. It hit me the other day how much variance we have in her due date (yes 'she' does not yet officially have a name!)..My due date is 5 June still but if I have to go c-section then it could be up to 2 weeks before that; or if not then they could let me go up to 2 weeks past! LOL I know that 2 weeks before or after is normal but we never seem to have really early babies in our family - Ty hit her due date and showed NO signs of coming - so who knows!

Travel is done for a little bit. In March Sebastian has a solo ski trip and judging from how warm this winter has been, I am thinking it just might be the last ski trip till next season. In April we have the Paris Marathon that I am in this midst of finishing up plans for. Originally we were driving there but now we are flying. YEAAAAAA! No 9-hour-over-2-day-car ride with Tyler :) I was surprised to find that the cost of flying was roughly on par with what driving would be (gas, staying overnight on the way there and back, etc). A 1.5 hour flight sounds delicious in comparison to traffic jams and hours in a car with a bored Ty! And it is such a short flight that it should not be a problem being pregnant. Despite being so far along I am very much looking forward to this trip. With how many places we would like to see yet in Europe, I doubt we will hit Paris again so we are going to savour this one and check out a few fav's but do some new things as well. Thats one thing about such a huge and beautiful, historical city - there is always something new to do/see if you look for it (And springtime is a great time to do it too )

Thats all for the moment...We will have to get more pictures for the next blog. Take care & feel free to leave comments - I know you are visiting (my ticker tells me so!) so don't be shy!! LOL You do NOT have to have an account, just click on the comment link and type :-)