Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Yes it has been forever since the last blog - sorry! Oddly it feels like finally we're settled in since we(yeaaa) got our last shipment of household goods during the 2nd week of OCTOBER!! (For those counting, yes, that means 4 months from packout)Sebastian's Mom came the following week which brings us to last week.

I will post more pic's and info over the next day or so but for the moment, enjoy Tyler, Alex and their friend Sierra trick or treating together. Tam and I took the girls while the Dads stayed at the house and handed out candy :) It was a pefect day/night for it and soooo many people got into it - it was great! We had people hanging out outside their homes with other families from the neighbourhood, some with little fire pits going...add the crunch of the leaves and the full moon (and the Starbucks compliments of Tam) and we were rockin' LOL