Monday, June 23, 2008


We took this picture last week and I just had to put it up...Tyler was born with a lot of hair - but Alex has her beat! I don't recall Ty having bed head at 4 weeks old LOL

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June Pictures!

June Countdown to Israel

Well its been a while since my last blog. Aside from some post-op complications (infection, etc) and taking care of a toddler and newborn we had one last factor come in and create more work for us: PCS Move this July!! LOL

Okay - this is not a complete surprise for us. We knew it was supposed to be happening but it wasn't till right before Alex was born that we were more certain that the plans for us were not going to we have an RFO so I can finally say with certainty that we are moving this summer to Israel for a year. Yup, you read that correctly we are moving to Israel :-) Tel Aviv to be more specific. We are looking forward to it - there is so much there to see/experience even though there are places you obviously still cannot go to. Supposedly we will be living close to a beach and I can handle that NO PROBLEM!! haha

It does however make for interesting times now...All the joys of a PCS move to a foreign country AND we need the passport Alex, certificates for the dogs, car shipping (we have already sold the other car and are now down to one), etc. Given that the housing is or can be furnished we are figuring out what is coming and what is staying in storage, etc.

Sebastian will be headed there at the beginning of July for a couple of weeks while we wait on the passport and actual orders. Hopefully it all comes quickly that we will all be there together by the end of July. Time is flying!!

Alex and I are doing well. This recovery did not go as smoothly as when I had Ty (never had a problem post-op after Ty's birth).... Thankfully, everything seems to have gone back on track (yeah infection, etc is NOT something I want to be dealing with while moving LOL).

Alexandra had her first wellness appointment and is already growing like a weed! She was 8.9 lbs when born, went down to 8.3 and is now up at 9.2 :-) She likes to eat!! She also likes to make noise - squeeking and 'talking' as we calling...she sounds like a little Ewok.

Ok long enough post - I will try to post more often over the coming weeks so they are not so long, but I am not making any promises :) Here are some more recent pictures!