Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Alexandra arrived Friday, May 23rd at 11:37 AM

Big Sis and lil Sis taking a well deserved break together!

She was born at Weiden Hospital, Germany about 2 weeks early and weighed in at 8.8 pounds and 21 inches long = as big as Tyler was, just past her due date! It was via c-section and while it didn't quite go as smoothly as Ty's, we are both doing great. In fact I think I am healing and up & around faster this time around LOL though part of that may be necessity :-)

Sebastian was AWESOME and he and Tyler got some true "Daddy & Ty" time. She is still following him around everywhere mimicking all that he does :-) No jealously rearing up much yet which is nice. The hardest thing has been that I cannot pick her up yet and she doesn't completely understand why I can carry Alex but not her. She has had a few meltdowns over that but we are working on it. Daddy’s ice cream and park time certainly seems to help a lot :)

We were discharged on Monday (a process that takes ALLLLL day here) and were home Monday evening. Since then we have been resting trying to get into new routines and, of course, begin all paperwork for the Army, etc….

To Lori H and Stephanie -

Special thanks to you wonderful friends for helping out - we don't know what we would have done without you!! Knowing you were taking care of Ty for us gave us a piece of mind that was so needed and appreciated while in the hospital!

More updates later but here are some pictures for now. Time to take a break :)

Me and Mom!

Ty and Alex visiting at the hospital .....
Finally at home .......relaxing with Dad

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finally feels like summer!

Well the weather has finally turned it seems and it is starting to feel like summer :-) YEAAAA! I still need a better picture of me than the ones below - thanks for the 'you're huge/swallowed a balloon' comments LOL - and I will try for that this week. You just don't think it is possible to get bigger but, I swear, in the last couple of weeks I have! I have yet another doctor visit this Thursday to see when Alex should be making her arrival - I don't think we will be going to June 4/5.
We went to Ramstein to get out of Graf for a bit and pick up a few last minute things for Alex as well. Somehow we forgot that it was Cinco de Mayo weekend. It was great. Even though the 5th fell on the Sunday they were still doing stuff on Saturday as well making it a more interesting visit. (The picture above was taken there.)

There are more photos below of the local 'duck park' as the kids call it :) I had planned on doing books for Mothers Day but found out only after doing the layout and everything that the pictures were not of a high enough quality to print with. Talk about %$#^% you off. Sure enough, I went into the camera and while 'superfine' was selected there are apparently better options still in there LOL So I have changed the setting and will have to take a bunch more

pictures to do a book with. In the meantime I will post some of the others here.

Checking out the crowd and starting to dance!

I'll go with Dad to take a closer look :-)

"Now this is what right looks like" - Ty

Grafenwohr "Duck' Park

All at the park......

Ty and Paige checking out some ducks.....

They've found something!

Then it's off with Drew to the

...park favourite!