Monday, April 14, 2008

Preggy Picture

OK I have procrastinated long enough LOL I am almost 33 weeks now so I took some pictures - not the greatest but you definitely get the idea :) I am hoping to do a couple better ones over the next few weeks before the baby comes.

Yes, I am now wearing Sebastians sweatshirt and I feel like I have swallowed a beach ball!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Paris: Part 2

Thanks Rachel for bringing to my attention that Slide had dropped the last 12 pictures from my slideshow!! Apparently there IS a limit as to how many pictures you can have in one show LOL

Here is Paris:Part 2 (that does include the torch...or what you can see of it!)

One interesting note on this whole escapade with the Olympic flame was the way it was reported in the media. While we all know that the way something is reported is often not necessarily exactly the way it went down, it is still sometimes surprising when you see it happen first hand just how different it can come out.

There were pictures taken of a couple of protesters who ran out onto the street with flags in front of us. That's it. They didn't try to grab anyone, tackle anyone, or do anything other than shout stuff ('Free Tibet' usually) and wave their Tibet flag for which they knew they would get bum-rushed by the police (no one is allowed out on the road)....We later saw these pictures in the French media, Drudge Report online and other places...It was amazing how suddenly these individuals who ran out on the road were shot in close up with the police on top of them making it look much worse, much more violent and out of control than it was.

What I wish had been shown in the media was the freaking photographers/paparazzi themselves. IMO they were more out of control than the "protesters" we saw. Picture if you will: single young man runs out onto street waving a flag saying 'free Tibet' and 2-3 police quickly grab him and physically carry him off the street...all followed by up to 6 (yes that is SIX) other individuals racing across the road, surrounding the police and protester all vying for the best shot, the best angle. It was unreal how often they would get in the way or in the face of the police...I commented that the French police showed great restraint - not with the protesters (though they acted professionally there as well), but with the stupid photog's because if it had been me I would have slugged more than one of them that morning!!

Just my lil sidenote for the morning :-)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Best laid plans.....

Ahh yes - things never quite work out as you plan, eh? :-) We stayed at home for the Easter weekend since it was right after Sebastian's return from France (picture slideshow below) and we have Paris coming up soon. Wouldn't you know - it SNOWS! I think we had more snow that week than we had during Christmas! It is gone now but kinda ruined plans for decorating outside so we could take pics of Ty is her spring dress. Another time I guess LOL

Given the huge dumps of snow in the area we did take off for an overnight with some friends to Garmisch on Friday night - seemed like a simple enough thing to do. Leave Friday, come back Saturday. Ty had her shots (they did both 18 month and 24 at the same time - why I don't know) on Thursday and at noon Friday I thought she was having a reaction to it....I have since come to the conclusion that she picked up some kind of gastro-bug while at the clinic and was sick the entire night and following morning....we were, of course, leaving that afternoon. LOL She is doing better now - not 100% but better.

My pregnancy is coming along well - and I know I am procrastinating on getting a picture up LOL I will soon :) The countdown has begun! 7-9 weeks!! This little girl is going to be a good sized baby like her sister was. She has been measuring a couple of weeks ahead for a while now. At first my doctor was verrry concerned and I tried to explain that Ty was big too but my Dr was not satisfied till after the diabetes test (came back neg) that I am just having a rather big girl LOL I am still hoping that I will go into labour before my due date and there will be no complications (and thus no repeat c-section) but as long as she comes out healthy we will be happy. At this point we are just eager to meet this little one who moves around like crazy and is giving Mom insane heartburn!!! I seem to be having more Bracks this time so fingers crossed :-)

That's it for now! Will have more to post next week!

NOTE: Slide has done something that the slideshows do not continually run over and over - to see it again just refresh the page

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