Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its Done!

Just a quick post - and probably the last for a bit! :)

We are 3 days out from flying back to the USA ! in the past 3 days we have had the movers pick up our household goods, the dogs get their vet certificates, and today, the walk throughs by 4 different people to complete our exit from this housing (though we are staying here till Friday).

Whew! I think with all the things still on our "to do' list just how short a time we have left here was not really sinking in.....till now :-) This has definitely been one of the most different places we have lived - both good and bad - and we are happy to have experienced it, but we are very much also looking forward to getting back to the States.

Look out Ben Gurion airport - the circus (aka 2 adults, 2 kids under 3, and two 70lb dogs - one of which will be howling) is about to arrive!....

Friday, June 5, 2009

13 Days and Counting...

We are finally under the 2 week mark! Given that we have not had the movers come and pick up our house stuff it kinda does not seem real ;) (Most of our stuff is already stateside in storage). But this week and next I know will be busy enough - it will be appt time: Alex 1 yr vacc's, the dogs going to the Vet for health certificates, housing walk-throughs, etc.

Meantime we found out we got housing on-post. The worst housing they have, but we have it (crappy tiny row housing with flooding basements). Friends there now refers to it as the 'crack houses'...yeaaaa babay!! I am trying to stay positive that we will get switched out of it (ie something else will open up on base) OR that we will find something off post. I actually found 2 off-post but they were scooped up by the time I got a hold of the property manager. Being overseas right now really sucks LOL

Other than that we are enjoying the sunshine by the pool these days :) Weather here: hot and sunny. Not sure Max & Riley like it so much but the rest of us do!

I can stand by myself now....as long as I don't realize it! Which usually means.....

...I am watching my sister be a ham!! ;-)