Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

Well we are mostly done with decorating here.....still cannot believe we are about to enter December!! Then again, it took till into (late) September to get mostly settled in - add the permanent summer here and I guess that explains a lot of it :-P

Girls are liking Christmas. Ty is MUCH more into it this year than ever before and I am grateful that I have advent calendars that start tomorrow so that the question of how many more sleeps followed by my inadequate explanation of how many more than 5 is that? (I can show her how many but because the answer does not please her she tries to barter it back down lol) Alexandra is just going with the flow, waking up in the morning to the new Christmas tree with a big smile and an "OOOOOhhhhh pwetty chrismas tree!" Only one ornament broken in the last 24 hours so I figure we are off to a good start :)

Oddly most of our Christmas shopping is also done...with our shopping spree of late the Pastor family here are mostly taken care of :) We will of course get a few more small things for the girls for the morning of (ugh and I still have stockings to do), but other than that most of it is done. I have a couple packages to mail tomorrow and it will be a light load the next couple weeks! YEAA!!

Girls checking out the lights........

Friday, November 26, 2010



I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends!

In the midst of Thanksgiving weekend and I must say its nice to have a low key long weekend. We did our turkey dinner as a late lunch out yesterday (which was great!!) and did a tiny bit of shopping today LOL

Well we had said if we ever saw it come back in we'd buy it for the girls soooo they ended up getting an early Christmas present: their bouncer castle! Too big to hide coming out of the store they were ecstatic and wanted to come home asap. Friends have one and had told us it was a thing you found only periodically in the stores so we didn't want to wait.....

Definitely nice to not have any snow on the ground!!

Sets up in less than 2 minutes - sweet plug & play!

More fun when Dad is the 'monster' chasing you!

And Tyler practiced her 'karate' kicks LOL

The girls tired themselves out (yeaaa!) and had a the neighbour kids came over and plan on coming back tomorrow :) Darn rain just needs to stay away!

The rest of the weekend is going to be hanging out at the house, kids playing, Dad has his new favourite game and Mom trying to get back to work...yes I stubbornly refuse to accept defeat. The markets may open at 330am (pre-markets earlier than that) but I am resolved to find a way. How to fit that into the overall swing of things plus home preschooling with a 2 yr in tow remains to be figured out but I am sure there's a way......right? :-P

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wine makes me happppy :-D

Last blog of the day - Whew, from zero in 10 months to 3 in one day LOL But I found the perfect way to end the day....

Not the most expensive Chateauneuf du Pape I have ever had but given that its been a couple of years since I have seen a bottle much less drank one, I'll giddily, happily take it!! :-D And yes, that's how the bottle looks...not some weird trick of the camera :)

Peace Out!

Kauai Part 2

Here is the second set of pictures from Kauai along with some taken today.....I managed to scale it down a bit. We took a LOT of pictures :)

Except one day. The reason we do not have many pictures of the boat trip is that both girls, shortly after the family picture was taken, got seriously seasick. Poor kids they couldn't stop till everything was gone and then they both mercifully passed out, one on each of us on different parts of the boat. Ty woke up feeling better, Alex was dry heaving till we got into dock. Of course this couldn't be a 1-2 hour ride, ohhhh nooooooo. This was a sunset 5 HOUR excursion with dinner and drinks.....Want to guess how much dinner or drinks either of us had?!???? Fortunately they felt better almost as soon as they got onto dry land.

Kauai Part 1

Argh! Ok this slideshow has been done 3 times so if there are misspellings, etc please excuse it! And if anyone knows of a better slideshow than please let me know!!


More pictures to come in part two later tonight! :-D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back again!!


Yes I am resuming the blog once more :) Since we are not on the mainland it seem the thing to do. Plus posting pictures here is just sooooo much easier!

Speaking of pictures I have a new slideshow below. No it is not of Kauai - that will come hopefully tomorrow. We have a new camera and software so I wanted to try it out first with a smaller number of pictures and work out any bugs....