Monday, November 26, 2007

Internet down - arghhhh

Hello All!

Well as luck would have it right after I wrote my last blog our phone I went to Deutche Telecom and was told to 're-set' it by shutting everything down/cut power and restart everything....yeah, well I got the phone back and promptly lost all Internet!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

So back to DT I go and I get a phone number to call....oh joy German technical support and I barely speak enough German.....luckily I got someone who spoke better English than my German (lol) and to make a long story short after many tests and trials they sent someone out to tell me our modem is defective. Even better, because it is a warranty thing I cannot simply swap it out at the local DT office - ohhhhh noooooo - we have have one sent to us which, of course, got here while we were gone last week for Thanksgiving! Ahhh some of the joys of living overseas :) 

Well I got the new modem today and was able to set it up - more or less. (Plug and play does not exist here) Still have not figured out why I cannot get the computers to connect wireless to the modem yet. Hope to have that figured out in next day or two so I can use the main computer upstairs that I normally blog from as it has all my pictures! 

I wish I could find an animation someone sent to me once - it was a cartoon figure getting PO'd at their computer and beating the #%%& out of it...Yup that would about sum it up! :-) So I will try to get more up on lots of stuff - travel, pic's etc - once I get the rest of the computers back online. 

Tchuss for now!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bad Blogger!

Sigh...yup that's me - a bad bad blogger who has been AWOL for over a month! Sorry!!! October to November just kinda spun out of control....

Sebastian's parents were here for 3 weeks which was fun. Ty got to get to know the Pastor side grandparents again and it was great to visit and check out some new sites around Germany. I will post pictures in the next day or two (promise!)

Aside from that yours truly has been 'under the weather' for over a month...yup that long. It sucked; nausea, sinus/allergy attacks, exhaustion, more nausea.....but then again what do you expect in your 1st Trimester of PREGNANCY!? :-) Yes we are expecting again, but this time I will not have to deal with the summer heat! My current due date on/about my birthday: 5 June. We are both really excited and looking forward to our newest addition though the idea of "family of 4" when traveling, hitting restaurants, etc is taking some getting used to :)
Sebastian is already convinced that it will be another girl and that he will officially and permanently be outnumbered LOL I am not so sure - but we'll have to wait a while and see.
I must now go feed the hungry mouth that is already here :-) When it comes to food, patience is not her strong suit! I will post more this weekend.
Take care!