Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alexandra's Birthday

We woke up in Banff on Alexandra's Birthday (see below) and went back to Calgary around lunchtime. It made for a busy long day as the people revolved in and out and Alex was being a bit under the weather with a cold. Her cousins joined the party late - after the cake was cut but she did not mind as that prolonged the present opening into the evening LOL I don't have pictures of all of it - as the night wore on trying to get the girls into a bath & bed became the challenge! Normally I'd let them stay up later but with so much travel, little sleep in Banff and a sick birthday girl decided better not :)

Overnight in Banff, AB

Ahhh the mountains - I do so love being there!! And I soooooo did not want to leave :-)  LOL

The only downside is the Alexandra came down with a cold - which from the timing of it means she picked it up in Edmonton right before we came to Calgary, poor thing :(  But waking up in the Rockies on her birthday was a wonderful thing! The kids LOVED the trip - hotel, mountains and all. I took a lot of pictures but missed the waterslides, hot tub & kiddie pool in the hotel.

Now figuring out a way for another trip back LOL So much to do - esp biking & hiking!!