Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January fun

Time to update a bit though not a great deal has been happening here. We had another ski weekend in Garmisch for the MLK long weekend and I have included some pictures here. It was amazing how much snow had disappeared in the couple of weeks between when we were there after Christmas and that weekend! But the skiing up on the mountain was still goood and, with the sidewalks clear, it made for easier walking with Tyler so I cannot complain!

The slide program appears to be on strike today so I will put a couple pic's below:

New shades!

Have Chariot will travel! Loooove this thing! Believe it or not, there is an attachment you can get to replace the wheels with SKI's LOL (for cross country skiing) it would've come in handy this trip

The snow was definitely there the higher up you went :-)

Wiped out at the end of the day!


The pregnancy is going well and I am feeling big even though I am only 5.5 months and the ballooning part is truly yet to come LOL Scary thought! And we did find out we are having another GIRL :-) Darling Daddy is officially and permanently outnumbered!

Ty's been walking around everywhere now and has been in a decent mood considering she has broken in one back molar completely and the others are peaking through! Not the little baby anymore :) We've been telling her she is going to have a baby sister and, while she keeps saying 'baby', I know it will be loooong time before she gets it. She has definitely figured out that Mommy does not look the same though haha

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well I did was I was not sure I would ever do.....I cut about 4 inches off for my 'soccer-mom' do and this past week I took the next step; another 4 inches off the back :-) LOL And I LOOOOOOVE it! (as does Sebastian surprisingly enough)

What can I say - it was time for a change! And yes the pregnancy is really beginning to show....I cannot believe that I am 5 months practically?! The time is going by really fast this time!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wednesday, January 2, 2008



Sorry I have not blogged in a bit but as I am sure is true with everyone else, Christmas kinda side tracked us :-)

We stayed true to our word that we were home for Christmas....we left for Ramstein the next day LOL We stayed there for 4 days eating shopping and site-seeing (yes in that order) and then came home for 2 days and now we are in Garmisch (Alps) so Sebastian can get some skiing in before his leave is over. We are only here for a couple days so we will make the most of it though we now have Internet in the room (hotel did not before) so I may be able to throw some pics up if i can find them over the next couple days...

WOW 2008...that just does not seem real. Of course the thought that by the end of this year there will be 4 of us celebrating New Years is still mindboggling as well :) My biggest New Years resolution is to re-prioritize I know I am not the only one doing this so any thoughts, suggestions, prayers good mojo are appreciated LOL (Ok family, stop laughing now...Seriously I'm going to do this) Basically it comes down to making my family and work the big 2 and figuring out how to make them work together. You'd think working from home would make that easier...Nope No such luck - if anything I think it makes it worse but I digress...what else is there you may ask?? Travelling, housecleaning (gawd that never ends), errands, 2 X 80 pound furballs who think they are human, friends, etc Basically everything else. Trying to stay on top of everything is simply not going to work so the big challenge for me will be letting things...ahem....slide.

One last note (and then I will have to add more later as I am getting the 'lets go already' from Ty and Sebastian) is that Ty WALKED! Ok to clarify she has been standing and taking one/two step and then sitting down again for about 6 weeks (she thinks its hilareous) but on 30 Dec at Ramstein she walked about 4 feet back and forth between Sebastian and me. Sweet. I know my days are now numbered LOL

Ok - off to dinner. Hugs to all and hope you had a great Christmas and New Years!!