Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

Closer to flight day....

At Garmisch

Hi All!

Well we are that much closer to flying out. Out flight date has changed a couple of times but it is currently August 15th. We'll see if that changes. We have not only Alex regular passport but all of our diplomatic passports as well now so with the exception of a bit more paperwork (aka visas), and other errands (ship car, dogs paperwork, etc) we are pretty much set. Movers came 2 days ago for the Israel stuff and this coming Thursday for the stuff that is going into storage (which is the rest of the house LOL).

As if there was not enogh things to do we also bought an SUV :-) It was something we had been considering for a long time but thought we'd hold out till we got to the USA. funny how when you are not looking for something is when you find it! It was a great deal and after our last trip to Garmisch , well Ty's legs were almost resting on the shoulders of Sebastian's seat - it was time for a change!! LOL Now we can get kids, car seats and dogs, bikes, etc into the car.

Our 2004 BMW X5

Nice clean roomy and Ty likes the panaramic roof window too...nevermind sitting so high that she can see better out the side window and, best of all, LEG ROOM!

Tyler and Alex are doing great given the chaos. Lots of appointments and the house gradually keeps disapppearing - Alex had a case of overload when then movers ame. Too much noise and action. Ty was over at a friends house and didn't seem to mind when she came back and so much was gone. Hopefully she will be okay with it when the rest goes next week!

She is soooooooo looking like a little girl these days!

Alexandra had her 2 month visit - all went well and she is an alert, happy 13.5 pounder :-)

Thats all for now - still need to hit the mail room and send more stuff off. I will try to get at least another post in before we go. Hugs to all!