Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ty's Birthday Part 3!

Mom got tired so I put together a slideshow for my Dad. We had fun tonight! But it would have been more fun if Daddy had been here! Hmmmmm I DO get to have another party when he comes that works out okay :-)

OH I saved you a cupcake too !

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Tyler Mackenzie Pastor is now 1!

While open to everyone, this post is mainly for Daddy who is not here today.....

just so you don't miss anything! I will be posting more as the day goes by.

Your daughter having her pancake breakfast!

One pancake with syrup and the other (in your honour) with NUTELLA! LOL

Notice there isn't much left on her tray - she definitely likes Nutella :)

The the sticky-nutella-birthday girl needed a luxurious morning bubble bath to get all the chocolate off!

Our shadow had to, of course, join us!

Next we iced all the birthday cupcakes and Ty helped with the sprinkles! All set for tonight! (The birthday cake we will do on Monday) I am still trying to figure out how to make the "1" candle I bought stand up on one of these...

We tried to get a birthday shot in while she was still clean but now
she is getting tired and is not interested in picture-taking!

I am going to try to get her down for a nap (yeah keep laughing) and will take more pictures and post them later.......keep checking back when/of you can....

We miss you and love you! Can't wait till Sunday!!!

Birthday Part 2


Well there was no naps this morning so we had lunch. And since we were having lunch by ourselves I decided we could break and have one lil birthday cupcake early!

This is how it started.......



And this is how it ended!

LOL Funny - she was more than willing to share her sandwich with Max & Riley but NOT the cupcake!

The we played outside a bit - it is a beautiful day today and the lady at the Neukauf gave Ty some bubbles so we coloured with chalk and blew bubbles in the sun!

Then finally came the nap :) And me getting everything ready for tonight...Speaking of - people should be here in an hour or so, so I had better get going! Will write more at the end of the night.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Max's surgery

Well Max went under the knife yesterday. He had a big lump/mass and a smaller second one that we thought were fat lumps. We figured it was better to get rid of it now instead of waiting for it to get bigger as time passed since neither dog is a spring chicken anymore and the bigger one was about half the size of my fist!!

Well turned out they found 3 lumps so now he has stitches on his stomach, under his left leg and on his front right leg. In other words he is a mess! I picked him up and brought him home around 3:30 and he was still half out of it. Ty was a problem as she kept crawling over to him to see him and I had to keep pulling her away. (Putting Max in another room wasn't an option since I had to make sure he didn't start licking his wounds and he kept howling/whining when he could not see me). It made for a long afternoon and evening LOL especially after a day of painting here :)

He woke up a couple times last night (we had to sleep downstairs) and, finally, I was able to get him to stand up this morning....till that point he was in exactly the same spot that he had laid down at yesterday when he first came home. He has also been able to keep the pain meds down - along with whatever food Ty decides to 'share' with him LOL Thats when I figured he was on the mend! Now comes the fun of keeping Ty away from the stitches, etc till they come out in a week or so :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Good Morning!

Well not a lot to update here. Sebastian took off late last week. He is in Cali now and, according to him, very busy and hot! LOL I think it is close to 100 F there right now (we have rain - not sure which is better!).

Back at home here we are here playing catch up :) I have catching up with my trading to do and, having just found out that we maaaay be in the house longer than a year, I have decided to go ahead and do some decorating that I initially figured we wouldn't do because of the time lines. We have also been talking about taking a trip once Sebastian is back home so I am researching that as well. Man I wish the dollar would go back up! OH and planning Ty's 1 yr birthday :-)

Ty is, as always, keeping me busy too. She now has 4 teeth on the bottom and 2 on top. I don't know if that is all she will get or if she is getting more - for how much she is chewing on stuff I think there may be more coming sooner than later but time will tell.

Units here are deploying - including some of our neighbors. So we (my neighbor and I) are planning a get-together Friday at our house for family members left behind making it lasagna & wine night! Nothing makes deployments easy but knowing we are all here together (hopefully) makes things easier.

Thats about it for now! Hope everyone is doing great :)