Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jane Sapper Day :-D

It was soooooo much fun :-D The spouses of the 65th Engineer BN had the opportunity to do some of the stuff our soldiers do. We hit 3 stations - some on foot, others by truck.

Our first station was room clearing using M16's (& blanks of course!) Unfortunately there weren't any shots of our squad in the mix (we were just too fast for them hahaha)

The next was the machine gun range where each of us got a chance to shoot (and YES I actually did hit the target - multiple times :-)

The last station for us was the LRC (leadership reaction course) where you problem solve as a squad to get the 'mission' done. This followed by the modified physical training test - push ups, sit ups and box jumps (instead of the run).

Considering how many hours we had been out there already, I think we all wished we had done the PT test first!! The push-ups and sit ups I only got beat by a few (yes they were counting all of us)..But the box jumps??? Damn there are some box-jumping mama's in our group LOL I got smoked on that part! Had no idea it was such a great but hard workout - something to add to the routine :)

Bumps, bruises, dirty and one lil ammo burn later and it was all done. It was a blast!!  For many of us the only question was, why can't we do this more than once a year?!?

1st Squad, 2nd Platoon!

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