Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ko' Olina Lagoons

Day at the beach with friends! Three moms and 7 kids between us hit the Ko Olina Lagoons for the morning. If you have heard of the new Disney Resort on Oahu then you have an idea of the location -lagoons are there as well (as is the Marriott)...It's on the west side of the island.

Alex still does not like the beach - or more specifically the waves/water. But given that there's grass and shade to play with, and others to keep her occupied, she was a happy camper this morning!

Ty & friends at the lagoons

Alexandra will finally play on the beach ;) but spent most her time on the grass picnic area.

Baby Q figuring out that sand really does not taste that good! The biggest, most squishable baby you'll ever meet! :)

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